Jodie's breakout forum summary

4 months ago

What has been the biggest challenge you have experienced so far, in shifting towards a digital first engagement approach?

Thank you for getting involved in today's discussion. I have summarised some of the key topics and takeaways below:

key challenges identified:

  • Accommodating for varying skills sets and confidence levels within the community is hard
  • How do we prioritise those within the community who do not have friends and family to support or connect with them?
  • Do people have the simple tools they need? Quite often not.
  • Not every organisation has the resource or budget to make the transition right now
  • Knowing what we should be engaging on, is it the right time?
  • Making sure that our communities maintain a sense of belonging, and have plenty to do with their time

Positive observations and takeaways:

  • Many are feeling more connected than ever!
  • In the workplace, we are able to build deeper connections with our colleagues, and even our colleague's family members and pets.
  • Those working in a organisation with relatively high levels of confidence around technology, are adapting well.

Overall, the engagement highlighted the importance of understanding the individual needs of our communities, staff and stakeholders. Through deeper understanding of 'how' people want to be engaged and 'what' topics they want to be engaged on, there's a chance to accommodate specific needs and prioritise the most vulnerable members of the community. Could SMS engagement be a preferred method of engagement for members of the community? Could targeted mail-outs be used to deliver something tangible to those that are not tech-savvy? e.g. postcards, kids packs (see here for offline ideas).

A simple community satisfaction survey could perhaps offer a valuable starting point. If you'd like to see some examples of how our clients have used EngagementHQ to draw out these needs, then please get in touch.

Facilitated and summarise by Jodie House

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