What are the positive things you want to retain after Covid-19 ?

08 Apr 2020
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

I'm Lauren, an Engagement Manager at Bang the Table (Qld and WA). Welcome to our breakout forum discussion.  I put my hand up to facilitate this forum today, as I thought this was a really interesting topic. 

COVID-19 has rapidly changed the way we live, work, socialise and relax. Despite this rapid change, organisations and individuals have been very quick to adapt and adjust to our new reality. We all have things we miss from our pre-pandemic life that we anxiously wait to welcome back, but this forum seeks to explore what we've found

What positive change would you like to keep post-pandemic? 

Maybe it's a simple skill or hobby you've dedicated more time to, maybe it's a change to your working life, or perhaps it's a new way you've found to engage your community - large or small. Whatever it is, share it here and let's start looking for the silver lining. 

At 12pm we will encourage you to explore some of the other forums, and welcome new contributors to this topic. 

Some tips to get the chat going: 

  • Keep refreshing your page so you can see what others have contributed
  • If you see something interesting, let the author know!
  • If you have a question for another contributor, don't be shy.

This forum will be facilitated by Lauren Keating, Engagement Manager (Qld and WA)

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