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Closing the loop - WFH Ideas and Tips

17 Apr 2020

Thank you for participating in our third live digital event - "What are your best tips and ideas for working from home ?"

The process

Over our three day event we asked participants to:

  1. On Wednesday, 15 April at 11.30am AEST we invited participants to sign-in and contribute their best tips and ideas for working from home to the Ideas Board
  2. On Friday, 17 April at 9am AEST new contributions were closed and voting was opened for participants to vote for their favourite tips and ideas, we sent out a reminder using the Newsletter Tool and by SMS
  3. On Friday, 17 April at 12pm AEST the Ideas tool was closed and voting concluded.
  4. We then crunched the numbers quickly using text analysis and the Ideas Tool report and prepared our feedback report.
  5. Friday afternoon we uploaded this News Feed article and uploaded a short video summary to close the loop with our participants.

The outcomes

We received 48 visitors to the project, with 23 contributors providing 112 contributions

The sentiment was largely positive, with most ideas and comments responding positively to working from home:

Seniment Summary: 7.7% negative; 23.1% neutral; 69.2% positive

In total we received 20 ideas, with the key themes being:

  • Breaks and structure
  • Fresh air and outside
  • Social connections
  • Work routine, setting up a workspace and schedule
  • Movement and activity

The top ten ideas were:

  1. Make time to get out into the sunshine - don't feel guilty
  2. Start with setting my intentions for the day!
  3. Make a stand up desk from your old DVD's (don't tell WH&S)
  4. Spend a few minutes catching up at the start of online meetings.
  5. Eat a proper lunch!
  6. Create a standing desk...ideally near a window. I can see lots of trees from my stand up desk - seeing the trees reminds me to breath :)
  7. The best way for me to 'finish' work and 'start' my own time is take a walk around the block... a very physical sign I've left the office.
  8. Keep Moving and step away from the computer regularly
  9. Turn your home into a jungle!
  10. Bush walking

Thank you all for sharing your top tips and ideas for working from home! We have loved reading through and taking inspiration. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you wanted to add in your thoughts about participating and reading the ideas and tips.

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