What activities did we do in the webinar?

    In addition to using SMS to remind attendees that the session was about to start, and a follow up message to say thank you. The webinar include two main activities.

    Activity 1

    • We will send you a question using SMS
    • It will have 3 different choices/options
    • After you read the question, simply choose your answer and reply by texting the number (eg 1, 2 or 3) that represents your response.
    • Your response links with our EHQ ‘Quick poll’ tool, so we can see the results coming in live.

    Activity 2

    • We will send you your next SMS question.
    • This time we are asking an open-ended question for you to respond to.
    • Your responses links directly with our EHQ ‘Guestbook’ tool so we can see the feedback coming in live.
    • After you read the question, simply reply with your text response.

    What is this digital event all about?

    This is a live digital event, that will be facilitated via a Zoom meeting - hosted by Anna Kelderman and Max Hardy.

    Using SMS texting, we will introduce the tool and then run 2 practical activities to show how it integrates with our "Quick Poll' and 'Guestbook' tolls. 

    Zoom will provide an opportunity for us to discuss in smaller groups, how you might consider using this tool as part of your next engagement project.

    Who can join in?

    Anyone can join us, however you will need to register the Zoom Webinar (and include your mobile phone number) when doing so. 

    You can participate without being part of the Zoom webinar, however please note that the 2 tools will be used 'live' during the event, so participation will be via this site at 11.30 AEST

    You just need to be online and back on this page on  Friday 11.30am (AEDT -that's Victoria time).

    Do I need to 'register' to participate?

    Yes. You will need to register to join the Zoom meeting - https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJArceGrpj0jH9NRMHzJM8g86YT4Mtfqo5rF

    Registering to join the webinar means you get to hear our introduction and instructions on how to use our SMS integrated tool.

    You do not need to register to this site for this particular event.

    Do I have to provide my mobile number on registration?

    No, you don't.

    However you wont get the full experience without being able to test and trial this tool with us.

    Will my mobile number be safe and protected?

    Yes it will.

    Bang the Table adhere to strict confidentially and data security measures. More information can be found here.

    Your number will only be used for this webinar activity ONLY, and will not be shared or provided to any other party. (We promise it will self-destruct on completion!).

    Who will be facilitating?

    This event is in partnership with Anna Kelderman and Max Hardy.

    Anna will be the maim event facilitator via Zoom and Dan Popping will introduce SMS tools and run some hands-on practical task so you can see how it works.

    There will be some smaller group discussions (via Zoom breakout rooms) and these will be facilitate by staff from Bang the Table

    Nicole Vaughan - Engagement Manager
    Jodie House - Business Development
    Lauren Keating - Engagement Manager
    Dan Popping - Practice Lead