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Lauren's breakout forum summary

4 months ago

What are the positive things you want to retain after Covid-19?

Facilitated and summarised by Lauren Keating

We had such a productive forum chat today. It's nice that in the face of adversity and social distancing, the group came up with many positives to our new way of life.

Key takeaways which popped up today include

  • A hope that flexible working conditions will continue post pandemic.
  • The desire to keep appreciating the small things once 'normal' life returns (stepping into the garden, sunshine, more time with children and pets)
  • An appreciation of connecting with colleagues and clients, and the benefits of the humble phone call
  • A drive to improve internal processes for the future; more online engagement, and more online functions to reduce face to face processes that are quite cumbersome.

So many more things came up, but I think this covers the general themes. Thanks for your outstanding contributions and for keeping my fingers very busy, flying across the keyboard. I feel very connected in the time of COVID.

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